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After School NCEA English Tuition

We have specialist English NCEA 1,2 and 3 English classes that run throughout the year. Our students have a proud record of excellent NCEA results, considerably above the national and Wellington averages.

These results are achieved through our weekly lessons, ongoing academic support and a growing resource library. We take a strong personal interest in our students progress and success.


Our English courses aim to develop a wide set of English skills. We focus on:

  • enhancing reading comprehension. Our students complete a reading comprehension exercise each week, and are encouraged to join our reading programme, with the goal of developing good reading habits
  • improving writing accuracy. We place a great deal of emphasis on spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • developing formal essay-writing skills. We focus on how to structure essays, develop ideas and build convincing arguments. This is one of the most important skills in the senior years
  • creative writing. Students study a range of techniques to enhance their creative writing skills
  • building confidence. When students feel confident, they tend to read and write more, thereby improving their skills further and developing a positive cycle of success.

We also develop students’ ability to think critically and logically. These skills are essential for achievement in New Zealand schools.

We teach general theory but cater to each student’s individual needs.