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Study Skills Seminar - 20th September

Coronavirus has arguably presented our young people with more uncertainty and greater challenges than any previous generation since World War II. Navigating this strange situation requires a different skillset from the ones that have served students well in the past. The changes have challenged parents in new ways too. Suddenly, we as parents have had to step up and play a more central role in our children’s learning than ever before.

With the end of the year looming, how best do we guide our children through this uncertain terrain? John Horrell, the CEO of Knowledge Shop will answer this and other questions in his presentation on 20th of September at 7.00pm at the Johnsonville Community Centre. John, an experienced educationalist and entertaining speaker has presented to students, staff and parents at schools throughout Wellington, Auckland and Northland. Prior to establishing Knowledge Shop, John has worked as a teacher, deputy principal, dean of residence and lecturer.


The presentation will cover the following topics:

  • The skills students need in order to succeed in the current climate.
  • The one habit that predicts long-term success and how your child can develop it.
  • The vital skill that only parents/caregivers can teach.
  • How the brain competes with itself, and how to ensure the correct part wins
  • Three steps you as a parent can take now, to help your child study more effectively


The presentation is for parents only and will last about an hour and a half, until 8.30. This will be followed by a question and answer session for any parents with specific queries. 

Cost of admission is $30 for one parent and $50 for two. Please note that if the presentation is cancelled due to coronavirus, you will receive a full refund. 

For further information, please e-mail us at, or to book, follow the link below.